About Us

Buic Vip has been created by the mergering of VIP srl, specialized in office equipment supplies  and BUIC, leader in the production of banking equipment such as cash handling systems and microfilms, thus becoming a market leader in this sector, offering a complete product range at the highest quality level.

BUIC VIP  is present since many years on the whole national territory, distributing top brands products through a capillary and efficient sales network, responding with competence to the more and more demanding market.

The wide product range marketed by BUIC VIP includes:


  • cash handling systems, all ECB approved
    • Banknote detectors
    • Value counters
    • Banknote counters
    • Banknote sorters with fit/unfit function for the ATM filling
    • Coin counters
  • Scanner/reader of codeline for checks and postal forms
  • Multifunction office machines (photocopy, fax, printer, scanner)
  • Professional and semi-professinal paper shredders


The main mission of Buic Vip includes the following activities:

  1. Machines rent
  2. Wholesale and detail market of above product and relevant spare parts
  3. After sale support and maintenance
  4. Aquiring and/or granting of agency or representative agreements


Also the sale of consumables is a very important sector, thanks not only to the quality of materials but also to the efficiency and quickness of the delivery service.

All products are guaranteed by BUIC-VIP  and are characterized by the quality and the high technological level.

Our customers can rely any time on a qualified technical support, a wiining plus that allows us to aim to more and more prestigious goals in the immediate future.

The premises in  Vermezzo consist of a an industrial concern, formed by two buildings linked together, located in Vermezzo, Marconi str. n° 11.

Vermezzo is few kilometers from Milan, close to the western ring and the Milano-Genova highway.